Health Care

Intralox has taken a collective health insurance with ONVZ. The ONVZ health insurance policy offers freedom of choice and gives you plenty of options: a basic health-care plan, five supplementary plans, a dental plan and a package providing a single room and other benefits in case of hospitalization. There is also a ZorgConsulent available which provides personal support with health-care issues. 


The collective health plan provides Intralox employee’s a discount on the basic health-care plan and the supplementary plans.


Furthermore, you are entitled to a monthly fixed reimbursement of € 40, - gross to cover supplementary health insurance costs. This is only if you are insured with ONVZ under the Intralox collectivity agreement and that you have opted for the basic, supplementary, and dental health-care plans.

To have an in-depth overview of the health-care plans, please take a look at the coverage summary and brochures on the website of ONVZ or the intranet of Intralox.

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