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Health Care


Intralox has taken a collective health insurance with ONVZ. The ONVZ health insurance policy offers freedom of choice and gives you plenty of options: a basic health-care plan, four supplementary plans, and four dental plans. There are also options to receive the best support in emergency situations, and global health care coverage.

The collective health insurance provides Intralox employee’s some advantages and discounts.

  • 5% discount on basic health -care plan;

  • 10% discount on supplementary health-care plan.


Additionally, if you have taken the basic health-care plan with a supplementary plan with ONVZ under the collectivity agreement, you will be eligible to Werkfit.

Werkfit offers coverage on top of your supplementary plan:

  • 3 physiotherapy treatments;

  • € 250, - psychological care;

  • € 100, - preventative medical examination;

  • 1 stress related treatment.


Choosing the right doctor or hospital can be a challenge. The ONVZ ZorgConsulent advisors are available to provide personal support.

Finally, if you take out a basic health-care plan, and any supplementary, plus dental plan you will be eligible for a reimbursement of € 40, - per month from Intralox. Please forward the confirmation e-mail of your ONVZ enrollment to the HR department to receive this.

Go to to calculate your premium and enroll to health-care plans.

To have an in-d
epth overview of the health-care plans, please look at the coverage summary and brochures on the website of ONVZ.

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