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The vacation year coincides with the calendar year. Vacation hours are accrued pro rata based on the duration of the employment contract in the calendar year.

For each full calendar year in which the employment contract continues, you are entitled to 25 holidays based on full-time employment agreement or a pro rata amount based on part-time employment. Days not used may be carried over to the following year. On top of that you are also entitled to 6 ATV days. ATV days not taken before the end of the calendar year will lapse.

Selling vacation days
Once per year, you will have the opportunity to sell surplus vacation days. By Dutch labor law you are not allowed to sell the statutory vacation days, which are 20 vacation days. The maximum amount of vacation days you can sell per year are 5 days (above statutory) based on full time employment.

Public holidays
The national public holidays are: New Years’ day, Easter Monday, King’s Day, Liberation Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Whit Monday, Christmas day and Boxing Day. Intralox in the Netherlands will be closed on the public holiday dates. Customer Service and Operations may be open following departmental guidelines.

Group Discussion

Employee Assistance Program

At Intralox we want to preserve a positive culture around mental health at work by acknowledging the importance of our employees’ emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free benefit available for all Intralox’s employees and eligible family members to help meet the challenges of life. An EAP is a valuable resource that can help identify and resolve many workplace, family, social, economic, and mental health concerns. Regardless of whether you contact the EAP on your own or if a supervisor recommends the EAP, all services are completely confidential and free of charge.


EAP is delivered by professionals of Aetna who are trained to assess and help us resolve a variety of personal and workplace concerns. When additional services are needed, they guide us to appropriate resources. It is very simple to access the services. You simply call your local EAP directly, schedule an appointment, and meet with one of the professionals by phone or in person.

Two Computer Screens


At the Operations department, we have launched Smart Ergonomics and an internal coaching program which focusses on heavy physical work. The coaches are trained to make the work easier, more efficient, and safer. We achieve sustainability by minimizing the physical workload and reducing the risk factors. Ergonomics is a part of our work process.

We also want to protect our employees who spend their working hours in front of a computer. For desk workers we have a digital training available learning you how to set up, check, and improve your workplace in an ergonomic way.

The idea of the workplace no longer relates to just a physical space. It’s a set of values that bond our people with each other and with our customers. To help you achieve this Intralox wishes to invest in the home office furniture you need to optimize productivity at home to the same degree as in the office. All ‘hybrid workers’ have a one-time budget to purchase home office furniture.

Train Station

Transportation Allowance

You can use our commuting platform to arrange and manage your commuting in a flexible way. The platform enables you to register, view, change, and confirm work-related trips by private vehicle to receive kilometer allowance of €0.23 per km. You can also order the mobility card to travel by all public transport in the Netherlands. The card doesn’t requires loading a credit and can also be used for private trips without travel costs being charged to you!


Netherlands Payroll FAQ

Click the link below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding Payroll in the Netherlands.

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