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All Intralox employees in the Netherlands participate in the Collective Capital Pension Plan with BeFrank from start date of employment. Every month Intralox pays contributions and fees to BeFrank. The pension contribution is based on risk premiums to insure the partner’s and orphan’s pension, contribution waiver in the event of occupational disability, the administration fees and the accrual of pension capital.


You also pay a small part of the pension contribution. To that end Intralox deducts an amount, your contribution, from your gross salary. Your annual contribution is 2.25% of the pension base for determining the pension contribution multiplied by your part-time percentage. If you want, you can pay extra pension contribution to increase your investments towards your retirement pension and the partner’s pension.


Furthermore, in the pension plan is an optional insurance of Surviving Dependent’s (ANW) Gap Pension for your partner if you pass away before 68.


Read more details about the pension plan in the BeFrank pension plan regulations.

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