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2023 Preferred Premium Process

Important Information and Reminders:

  • HRA Incentive Increased from $100 to $200 in 2023!

  • New Health Plan Participants – If you (or your spouse) are new to the health plan as of January 1, 2023, you are required to complete Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the Comprehensive Health Review (CHR) process no later than April 30, 2023, to receive the HRA incentive, maintain the 2023 Preferred Premium, and earn the 2024 Preferred Premium. New Hires throughout the year, regardless of last name, must complete within 120 days of effective date of coverage.

  • Biometric Screening - As we do each year, biometric screenings will be scheduled to take place on the Harahan, Baltimore, and Hammond campuses. Details are included in this packet.

  • CHR Deadline – For the 2024 Preferred Premium, the deadline to complete Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the CHR process is October 15, 2023. Note: Step 3 only required this year for employees/spouses if the employee’s last name starts with M-Z. See inside for more details on the CHR process. Note: If new to the plan, CHR must be completed within 120 days, regardless of last name.

  • Annual Physical – You can use your annual preventive physical to satisfy Step 3 (Health Review Visit) of the CHR process. Remember, the annual preventive physical is paid for 100% by the health plan but you must submit the enclosed Verification Form to receive credit for the visit. As always, you can continue to schedule your Health Review Visit with your favorite Marathon Nurse Practitioner.

  • 2024 Non-Preferred Premium – For those that choose not to complete the Preferred Premium Process in 2023, the non-preferred premium for 2024 will remain at $50 per month or $100 per month if both the employee and participating spouse decide not to complete the process.


Please take a few minutes to review the materials. If you are not enrolled in or joining the Health Plan in 2023, there is no need to review the health plan enclosures.

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